TI TCAL6408 I2C-Bus/SMBus I Expander

Post Date:2023-03-07,Texas Instruments

TI TCAL6408 I2C-Bus/SMBus I Expander
Texas Instruments TCAL6408 I2C-bus/SMBus I Expander provides general-purpose parallel input and output expansion for the two-wire bidirectional I2C-bus protocol. The device operates with a supply voltage range of 1.08V-3.6V on the I2C-bus side (VCCI) and from 1.08V to 3.6V on the P-port side (VCCP).
The device supports 100kHz (Standard Mode), 400kHz (Fast Mode) and 1MHz (Fast Mode+) I2C clock frequencies. When devices such as switches, sensors, buttons, LEDs, and fans require additional I/O, an I/O expander such as the TCAL6408 provides a simple solution.

The TI TCAL6408 features an agile I/O port and includes additional features designed to improve I/O performance in terms of speed, power consumption and EMI. These other features include programmable output drive strength, pull-up/pull-down resistors, latchable inputs, maskable interrupts, interrupt status registers, and programmable open-drain or push-pull outputs.

Working power supply voltage range: 1.08V-3.6V
Allows bidirectional voltage level translation and GPIO expansion between: 1.2V, 1.8V, 2.5V, and 3.3V I2C and p-ports
Low Standby Current Consumption: 1µA
1MHz fast mode + I2C bus
Hardware address pins allow two devices to be connected on the same I2C, SMBus bus
Active low reset input
Active low open-drain interrupt output
Input and Output Configuration Registers
Polarity Inversion Register
Configurable I/O Drive Strength Register
Pull-Up and Pull-Down Resistor Configuration Register
Internal power-on reset
SCL/SDA input squelch filter
Latch output with high current drive capability for directly driving LEDs
Latch-up performance exceeds 100mA per JESD 78 Class II
Electrostatic discharge protection exceeds JESD 22 standard
4000V human body model
1000V charging device model
personal computer
Personal Electronic Devices
automated industry
game console
Products with GPIO-limited processors

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