Texas Instruments TPS7A43 Voltage Regulator

Post Date:2023-02-28,Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments TPS7A43 Voltage Regulator
Texas Instruments TPS7A43 Low-Dropout Linear Regulator combines a 4V-85V input voltage range with ultra-low quiescent current. The device supports wide input voltages (for example, 15-cell battery and 24V-48V line power) and can withstand line transients up to 85V. These features help modern applications meet increasingly stringent energy requirements and help extend battery life in portable power solutions.
Texas Instruments TPS7A43 Output is available in fixed output voltage and adjustable output voltage versions, the latter of which can regulate the voltage from 1.24V to 14.5V with 1% accuracy. The device also provides a second intermediate output that can be set to 10V, 12V, and 15V using the MVSEL pin. It can also bias gate drivers in place of discrete regulators. The TPS7A43 has a precision enable input that helps enable or disable the LDO at a fixed and accurate threshold voltage using a resistor divider from the input.

A power good status output is used to monitor the FEEDBACK pin voltage to indicate the status of the output voltage. The EN input and PG output can be used to sequence multiple power supplies in the system.

Input voltage: 4V-85V
Wide output (OUT) voltage range
Adjustable voltage: 1.24V-14.5V
Fixed voltage: 1.25V-5.0V
Optional intermediate output
10V, 12V, 15V
Maximum output current
50mA (shared between OUT and MID_OUT)
1% Accuracy Over Temperature
Ultra-low IQ: 5.5µA
precision enable
Power Good (PG) Output (Open Drain)
Thermal Shutdown and Overcurrent Protection
Operating Junction Temperature Range: –40°C to +125°C
Package: HVSSOP-10 (RθJA = 53.7°C/W)
Cordless Power Tools
DC Motors and Fans
Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
Field Transmitters and Process Sensors
Smoke and Heat Detectors
Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

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