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Spansion's newest family of ARM-based microcontrollers

Spansion's newest family of ARM-based microcontrollers
Post Date:2023-03-20,Spansion

Spansion's newest family of ARM-based microcontrollers
Spansion recently released the ARM-based Spansion Traveo microcontroller series, which provides high performance, advanced human-computer interaction interface, high security and advanced network system protocols for various automotive embedded systems. It is worth mentioning that the first product in this series greatly expands Spansion's vehicle electrification product portfolio for hybrid and electric vehicles. Combined with the statistical data mentioned above, the release of the Traveo product series is of great significance.
The first product in the Spansion Traveo family, the MB9D560, is based on a dual-core ARM Cortex-R5 core with 2MB of flash memory and runs at 200 MHz, meeting the stringent performance and power consumption requirements of today's automobiles.
Dual-core structure on a single chip; one core is dedicated to controlling the motor to drive the vehicle; the other core is dedicated to controlling the generator to generate electricity. The two cores run independently and can also monitor each other. Also synchronous control of motors and generators improves energy efficiency.
Key analog IP, such as RDC, is used to sense the identity and position of the motor and send the feedback data to the MCU.
OEMs can improve performance and save costs by integrating these functions into one chip; these functions previously required the use of 4 chips: 2 MCUs and 2 RDCs. Enhanced communication between these integrated components can greatly improve the real-time responsiveness of the system.
Spansion's new product announcement underscores its efforts to provide scalable, low-power solutions that improve the performance, efficiency and reliability of individual automotive systems.

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