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Intel Releases Cyclone 10 Series Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs)

Intel Releases Cyclone 10 Series Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs)
Post Date:2023-03-21,Intel RealSense

Intel Releases Cyclone 10 Series Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs)

To support the growing number of IoT applications, Intel Corporation today announced the Cyclone10 series of field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs). The series is designed to provide fast, power-efficient processing and can be used in a wide range of fields, including automotive, industrial automation, professional audio-visual and vision systems, and more.
   As "everything" becomes more interconnected and able to share large amounts of real-time data with each other, data processing becomes more difficult. Sensors and cameras in buildings, factories, homes and vehicles are increasingly sending out more information than a microprocessor or microcontroller can handle alone.

    High-performance processing devices such as Intel FPGAs can collect and send data to make real-time decisions based on input from IoT devices. FPGAs can be specially programmed to provide the specific computations and functions required by different IoT applications.
Unlike other low-cost FPGAs, Cyclone 10 GX supports 10G transceivers and hard floating-point digital signal processing. It delivers a 2X performance boost over the previous generation Cyclone. Through architectural innovations, the digital signal processing block supporting IEEE 754 single-precision hardened floating-point operations supports processing rates up to 134GFLO (giga-floating-point operations per second). This is important to engineers using FPGAs for applications such as motion or motor control systems with higher performance.
Markets for Intel Cyclone 10 GX include those that value high-performance I/O and core speed. Areas of use include industrial machine vision and smart city applications to support the monitoring of parking lots, roads and bridges, etc. Cyclone 10 GX is also ideal for supporting professional audio-visual technologies such as video streaming applications.
Motor drive systems account for more than two-thirds of industrial energy consumption, and their energy-efficient operation is critical for smart factories. Cyclone 10 GX FPGAs can help save costs in systems such as motors and drives, powertrains, computer numerical control (CNC), machine tools, and robotics.
By using FPGAs such as the Cyclone 10 GX, operators can significantly reduce total cost of ownership across the entire product line. For example, operators can use Cyclone 10 GX to integrate industrial networking and functional safety into a single chip, reducing bill-of-materials costs.
As the industry's first FPGA supplier to receive IEC 61508 device and tool certification, Intel can help developers more easily meet industry Machinery Directive safety standards when developing with Cyclone 10 GX and Cyclone 10 LP.
For applications where cost and power consumption are key design decisions, Intel Cyclone 10 LP is an ideal solution. These systems use FPGA densities typically less than 75K LEs, and FPGAs are typically used for chip-to-chip bridging, or for I/O expansion of microprocessors.
Cyclone 10 LP can also be used in automotive video processing applications for rear-view cameras and sensor fusion, collecting data from multiple sensors in the car while the vehicle is driving, helping to understand the driving situation more comprehensively.
Cyclone 10 FPGA family together with evaluation kits, development boards, the latest version of Quartus programming software.

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