SiTime Introduces SiT3901 Digitally Controlled MEMS Oscillator

SiTime Introduces SiT3901 Digitally Controlled MEMS Oscillator
Post Date:2023-03-14,SiTime

SiTime Introduces SiT3901 Digitally Controlled MEMS Oscillator
SiTime, the market leader in MEMS timing, today introduced the SiT3901 digitally controlled MEMS oscillator targeting power-sensitive and space-constrained mobile and IoT applications. The SiT3901 increases wireless charging speed by up to 25%, while reducing overall timing solution area by up to 90%. MEMS oscillators are ideal for use in wireless charging systems for smart watches, activity trackers, hearing aids and wearables.

SiTime's combination of innovative MEMS, programmable analog, and rapid release methodologies continues to rapidly solve challenging timing problems," said Piyush Sevalia, executive vice president of distributor marketing at SiTime. "The power and size requirements of new wireless applications require new timing method. The SiT3901 DCXO is the industry's first μPower digitally controlled oscillator, achieved by improving charging efficiency and reducing area.


Wireless charging standards such as Qi and AirFuel rely on resonant power transfer to enable close-range charging. However, environmental disturbances may dynamically affect the resonant charging frequency, thereby slowing down the charging process. The SiT3901 enables chargers to dynamically adjust resonant frequency to maximize power transfer and provide up to 25% faster charging. Digital control functions on the SiT3901 DCXO reduce the timing solution area by up to 90% by eliminating the need for additional passive components on the board. The resulting charging system works better, is smaller, is more manufacturable, and is more reliable.


Characteristics of the SiT3901 Digitally Controlled MEMS Oscillator


The SiT3901 DCXO is the latest addition to SiTime's family of MEMS oscillators targeting power and space constrained wearable, hearable, IoT and mobile applications. Compared to quartz oscillators, μPower MEMS oscillators consume 90% less power and 90% less space, enabling environmentally friendly electronics. The SiT3901 is highly resilient to analog noise and includes the following features:


Ultra-Low 105 µA Current Consumption

Ultra-wide digital pull range of output frequency
Temperature stability of ±50 and ±100 ppm

Wide temperature range from -40 oC to +85 oC

Ultra-small 1.5 mm x 0.8 mm package size

Programmable frequency from 1 MHz to 26 MHz

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