HARTING expands the har-flex product range

Post Date:2023-03-09,HARTING

HARTING expands the har-flex product range
HARTING expands the har-flex product range with power contacts supporting up to 18 A per pin. Connectors are available in power or hybrid versions. The power contacts are spaced at 2.54 mm compared to the standard har-flex's 1.27 mm. The high current contacts are available in SMT or through hole versions, while the standard har-flex is only available in SMT. Various pin counts with male and female connectors are available in both straight and angled orientations.


Unique to the har-flex range and the modular manufacturing concept is the combination of signal contacts and power contacts. This combination enables a compact and versatile connection solution, which is ideal for miniaturized PCB systems. The har-flex Hybrid connectors are available in straight and angled versions and are available in parallel board, expansion card, and motherboard-to-daughterboard configurations. The har-flex Hybrid combination eliminates the need for separate power and signal connectors on the board. Thus, both lifelines are combined in one space-saving connection. The power and signal pin counts of hybrid connectors are 2+8, 4+16, 6+26 and 8+36 respectively. PCB space and effort can be saved by using hybrid connectors, ideal for modular IO systems and other control applications.



Rated current: 18 A for the power section and 1 A for the signal per contact

Wide selection of pin counts

2+8, 4+16, 6+26 and 8+36

Signal SMT, power SMT, or through-hole return termination

Rated voltage: 150 V according to IEC 60664-1

Mating life: 500 times

Temperature rating: -55°C to +125°C

Separator: Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP)




Modular IO Platform


Actuators, sensors, control units


HMI/passenger information system

battery management system

Power Electronics for Electric Vehicles

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