MoSys' LineSpeed Flex 100G PHY IC device in high-volume production

Post Date:2023-03-09,MoSys, Inc.

MoSys' LineSpeed Flex 100G PHY IC device in high-volume production
MoSys has announced that its LineSpeed Flex 100G PHY IC devices are now available in high-volume production. The LineSpeed Flex product family is a group of 100G PHY IC devices that support a variety of gearboxes, retimers, and other functions typically found inside line cards or optical modules to support multiple data rates and standards.
Accelerated adoption of 100Gb Ethernet switches and line card ports in the cloud data center and large enterprise markets is driving growth in 100G optical transceiver modules used to interconnect switching, routing, computing and other equipment," said MoSys President and CEO Dan Said Lewis. "Our ability to support customers large and small, combined with our very competitive price point, makes our LineSpeed Flex products the ideal solution for 100G port designs. "

  With optional embedded 100Gb Ethernet RS-FEC (MSH320SF), these devices can support all QSFP optical module types, such as LR4, SR4, PSM4 and CWDM, when using low-cost FPGA with sub-25Gb/s serial interface hour. "


MoSys' LineSpeed Flex product portfolio includes:
100G gearbox (with or without 100GbE RS-FEC)

Multi-link gearbox (MLG)

Protocol independent retimer (with or without 100GbE RS-FEC)

Additional mux/demux and redundant link capabilities


Key features of LineSpeed devices include:


Supports IEEE and OIF 10, 25, 40 and 100G standards

Protocol Independent Retimer Supporting One PLL Per Lane for Mixed Port Speeds

Adaptive receive equalizer for easy connectivity

Optional 100G 802.3bj Clause 91 RS-FEC for IEEE 100GbE and optical MSA support (e.g. SR4, CWDM4, PSM4)

Packaging and power options for line card, daughter card and module applications

Evaluation and Reference Board Schematics and Layouts

Customer Integration Application Support

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