Diotec Semiconductor MMFTP2319P Enhancement Mode FETs

Post Date:2023-02-24,Diotec Semiconductor

Diotec Semiconductor MMFTP2319P Enhancement Mode FETs
Diotec Semiconductor MMFTP2319 P Enhancement Mode FETs offer fast switching times in SOT-23/TO-236 packages. The MMFTP2319 FET has a maximum drain-source voltage of 40V, a maximum power dissipation of 750mW, and a maximum drain current of 4.2A over the -50°C to +150°C junction temperature range. Diotec Semiconductor MMFTP2319 P-Channel Enhancement Mode FETs are ideal for signal processing, battery management, drivers, and logic level translators.

Commercial/Industrial Grade
UL 94V-0 housing material
SOT-23/TO-236 Package Form
Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL) 1
No LEDs, RoHS and REACH Compliant
signal processing
battery management
Logic Level Converter
40V Maximum Drain-Source Voltage
±20V Maximum Gate-Source Voltage
750mW maximum power consumption
4.2A Maximum Drain Current
30A Maximum Peak Drain Current
1-µA Maximum Drain-Source Leakage Current
±100nA Maximum Gate-Source Leakage Current
1V - 3V Gate-Source Threshold Voltage Range
80mΩ - 120mΩ Maximum Drain-Source On-Resistance Range
1179pF Typical Input Capacitance
82pF Typical Output Capacitance
40pf Typical Reverse Transfer Capacitance
Typical turn-on time range of 15ns- 28ns
Typical Off-Time Range of 4ns - 19ns
20nC Typical Total Gate Charge
4nC Typical Gate-Source Charge
2.6nC Typical Gate-Drain Charge
4.6Ω Typical Intrinsic Gate Resistance
1.2V Maximum Forward Voltage
13.3ns Typical Reverse Recovery Time
8.5nC Reverse Recovery Charge
-55°C -- +150°C junction temperature range

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